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Karen Mardahl karen at
Sun Jun 12 06:54:00 MDT 2005

The STC announced the introduction of RSS feeds recently to SIG and chapter
leaders. One chapter is already using them:
I was surprised to learn that some technical communicators I know, inside
and outside STC, do not know what RSS is. Today, I came across an
interesting discussion on Jeffrey Veen's blog that discusses the usability
of RSS feeds:
I thought this topic was worth sharing with this list. It is an example of
introducing a technology without always explaining it to a larger audience.
Maybe the world of geeks :-) know what it is, but what does the Average
Citizen think when they see little orange rectangles on their online
The BBC understands this problem: Next to every orange
RSS button is a "What is RSS?" hyperlink. That leads to a fairly sensible
explanation at
My 78-year-old musician uncle may not understand it, but it's a start.
regards, Karen Mardahl
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